Casey (tan one) and Abby
(White one) sleeping
Samantha (ass) our cat that
lives with Amy's Mom
Samanth posin' for the camera
Am I adorable or what?
I am even more adorable than
that silly cat!
The vicious guard dog
Where's the squirrel?
Don't you kiss me
Where's the wash cloth?
Nap time!
I can't catch the laser!
Let me at those fish!
Lights out!
Last Updated April 25, 2010
Our Babies
I'm sleepy!
Nap time again!
My blankie!
Merry Christmas!
I love the backyard!
My daddy and me!
Whose there?
I am very tall now!
I'm a baby!
Find me if you can!
Casey going up the custom
built doggie stairs
Casey going down the custom
built doggie stairs
Mathis checking out the
Mathis, our newest addition